Capacity Management

Trying to figure out how to manage your daily capacity has never been easier
with Liftopia’s capacity management functionality. In a post-COVID world, having
visibility and control over the number of tickets you are able to sell each day is
more important than ever. In addition to the ability to set a specific capacity for
a single product (across all ticket types!), this feature also enables you to set a
limit for a group of products. With potentially limited staff, we are simplifying the
process of managing availability across your online offerings in one central place.


Example: For a given day, the maximum number of tickets sold across multiple products may not exceed 1,000.

With this feature, you can:

  • Set daily capacity limits for any product or group of products, regardless of which ticket types have been purchased.
  • Enable multiple capacity limits for different groups of products (e.g. a limit assigned to regular daily admission and a limit assigned to tubing).
  • Reduce time spent manually changing inventory levels to meet daily capacity requirements.