Liftopia is driving change through innovation in the ski industry

  • 2005 is founded in San Francisco, CA with 7 resort partners.
  • 2009

    First round of funding.

    90+ resorts use Liftopia!

  • 2010

    Mobile-optimized is launched!

    Team grows to 7 and moves into their first office — affectionately known as "The Bunker" — in SOMA.

  • 2011

    Team more than doubles.

    iPhone app is launched & featured for 6 weeks in the iTunes App store.

    Cloud Store, the white-label eCommerce solution for ski resorts, launches with 10 partners! It's optimized for mobile.

    Series C led by First Round Capital.

    Liftopia moves into a larger office on Kearny & Bush for the growing team.

  • 2012

    More than 40 ski resorts use Cloud Store!

    Liftopia expands Analytics tools to include business intelligence to help resorts see their dynamic pricing strategies in action.

  • 2013

    Series D led by Industry Ventures.

    Liftopia moves to office on Market St. to house growing team of 50+.

    Over 250 resort partners!

Our Mission Statement
Liftopia helps people spend more time doing activities they love by helping our partners run their businesses more effectively.

Liftopia began with a conversation in San Francisco, CA where the two founders, Evan Reece & Ron Schneidermann, lived and worked.

Evan & Ron first met at Hotwire in 2005. Evan was managing revenue maximization and pricing strategies for mountain destination hotels, and Ron was in business development. During an AIM chat at work discussing whether they would be going to Tahoe for the weekend, they realized that if they had purchased tickets in advance, they would still go despite the lack of new snow.

From this realization, Liftopia was born. They both knew they wanted to help ski resorts improve their profitability and give their customers the ability to ski more frequently by trading risk for savings. Taking the plunge, they quit their jobs and began working from their home offices (Evan's was a closet & Ron's a dining room table) to get the company off the ground.

Their first 7 ski resort customers loved how easy yield management could be via their personalized dynamic pricing strategies. Liftopia's client base went on to grow 1200% in the next four years. The first round of funding was secured in 2009 to expand and grow the company further.

Since those early years, the company has grown into progressively larger offices (now on Market St.!) to house the growing team and has raised additional rounds of funding to expand and help ski resorts grow revenue.

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It’s rare to find a company that's making such a positive impact and changing distribution fundamentals like Liftopia has done for ski.
Roland Reynolds, Industry Ventures

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