Service & Support

Cloud Store is more than just software. It’s software plus a team of professionals that can manage many of the time-consuming tasks that are typically required of your staff to perform when using other solutions. The Liftopia Partner Services team provides world-class support to our partners. Our team will do the heavy lifting for you throughout the season to support your e-commerce. When you ask for help, we don’t send you to a wiki, we send you to a real human who can quickly answer your questions or perform critical tasks on your behalf, 7 days a week, all season long.

Services Highlight:

  • Enhancing your experience by providing highly responsive, full-service enterprise support and consulting.

  • Performing onboarding and training on Liftopia tools for your staff, ensuring you are successful on the platform and achieve your business goals.
  • Ensuring your inventory and pricing is kept up to date via data uploads from the time partners go-live all the way through to end of season closures.
  • Helping you generate more traffic to your store via call-to-action analysis and recommendations.
  • Enabling you to get the most out of your marketing campaigns by integrating Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager with your Cloud Store.

“Liftopia’s Partner Services team has been a great extension of our team at Shanty Creek. They are always quick to respond, handle all of the inventory loading and changes throughout the season, and are always willing to hop on the phone to answer any questions.”
Steve Kershner, Director of Snowsports at Shanty Creek