Re-Opening with Liftopia


While your exact reopening strategy will depend on your location and business type, Liftopia’s tools can help you welcome back guests safely and efficiently. Whether you operate a beach, park, pool, resort, attraction, or more, we have tools to help you adapt. More than ever, selling in advance will help you control for and plan your daily capacity and operations as part of our “new normal”. The ability not only to sell in advance, but also to control pricing, means you can maximize existing demand as much as possible.

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Turn-Key E-Commerce

  • We build you a ready-to-use store, customized with your brand, to pre-sell access to your resort, attraction, or other business.
  • Quick and easy set-up managed by our team to get your products configured and available online.
  • Ongoing support to manage and assist with product changes, reporting, training etc. when we know you might be operating with limited in-house staff.

Timed Ticketing

  • Spread out visitation by time of day using time slot capabilities.
  • Provide customers with a simple and clear way to book time-specific inventory.
  • Customizable start-times for any product in increments of your choice.

Capacity Control

  • Ability to control the quantity of units available at any day or time slot to ensure your operation meets local guidelines.
  • Read more here about our capacity management system.

Pricing Flexibility

  • Maximize revenue on your best time slots and drive traffic to your less popular times using pricing strategy.
  • Offer different price points on different days or at each time slot to maximize revenue opportunity with constrained operations.

$0 Reservations

  • Allow season pass holders or members to book $0 reservations for their desired visit date.
  • Balance capacity between day ticket buyers and season pass holders.
  • Read more here about our reservation product.